Surprising 5 Tips I Follow To Get Everything Done On My TO_DO List

I realize sometimes the solution to a very complicated issue is so simple. These solutions are simple yet very effective. We discard them just because may be they are free & way too simple (We all love expert opinion Don’t we…….) or we have heard them before and we think they won’t work even before trying them. If we have heard them before and feel they don’t work THEN SOMETIMES THE ONLY REASON IS THAT WE DIDN’T IMPLEMENT THEM. When I started trying these simple tips I noticed something amazing by the end of the day. My to-do lists were all done & I couldn’t believe it. Before I would always feel guilty at the end of the day looking at the unfinished tasks on my list and be unhappy with myself for not being efficient enough. There is no magic in these tips, it’s just that you become more aware of what is achievable and are able to accomplish more than what you promise yourself.  These tips worked for me and there is no harm trying them.  

 1.    This old and famous one “PLEASE EAT YOUR BREAKFAST and YES A NUTRITIOUS ONE” . This would keep your brain focused on the essential tasks and keep you happy. The day when I am very busy I serve left over home cooked dinner for breakfast with some easy add-ons. So the rule that I follow is only that left over dinner for breakfast should not have been prepared more than 24 hours before consumption, so all the processed food with preservatives are out of question.

 2.     Without fail “MEET THE SUN” even if for 5 minutes and most important THANK THE SUN for being there 24/7. Acknowledge its presence. Remember sun is watching us & providing us with energy that no one can. Also thank someone in mind or in person just for something that they have done for you. It could be for ANYTHING, nothing is considered big or small here. Being grateful for whatever we have rather than focusing on what we don’t will pay us towards our long-term goal of healthy & happy self.


 3.    “SAY SORRY TO SUN”……..WHY??? Because sometimes we get mad at sun for not shining on us. Think a little deeper & realize that the sun is always shining on us, we are just blinded by something else…. lets say dark clouds or very pretty & thick curtains (Don’t worry if you just spend a fortune on your new drapes….just open them as the sun rises)…. There is always good in our life but we are blinded by some not so good stuff, then we focus our waking hours & some times sacrifice our sleep on it. Also say sorry to someone you hurt intentionally or unintentionally. You can say sorry to that person directly or write it on a paper something like “Sorry so  & so for……” & then look at it like you mean it. Next time you will meet that person with different eyes, heart and will feel an inner calm inside. Also might find courage to say sorry. No big deal just a 5-letter word and big issues can be solved.

 4.    NO NEGATIVE SELF TALK TODAY………..The power of positivity on your health, soul, and surroundings cannot be underestimated. Try it today without questioning results & see how you feel. Whatever negative is going on in our life, something positive will come out of it. Problem is we can’t see it right now.

 5.    WALK SLOWER TO GET WORK DONE FASTER: Even though this sounds counter intuitive it is very powerful. When you walk slower and breathe consciously instead of being in hurry and panic mode to get your list completed, you are able to do two things. You relax your muscles and mind so you get better and efficient results with whatever little or lot you are trying to accomplish in the day.


I want to mention a little off track remark about my Mom here. She is a very wise and loving lady but lately my dad passed away fighting cancer I noticed she has become a skeptic and envious about this one thing. Health is on her mind 24/7 which is a good thing BUT BEING ENVIOUS OF KIDS OF HER CLEANING LADY in India is another. My mom’s cleaning lady would let her kids play in “DIRT” all day bare foot & in bad torn clothes in spite of having being given footwear & nice clothes to keep them warm in winters. My mom is envious of these kids “BECAUSE THEY JUST DON’T FALL SICK”. My Mom gets very annoyed as her grandchildren who live in nice super clean home, eat expensive good quality food, drink pure filtered water & wear expensive clothes have poor immunity and fall sick frequently. I will blog about health of poor kids living in bad conditions in India and having pretty good immunity some other time. For now just think about those poor kids and follow these easy tips tomorrow for a happier day.


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