STRESSED OUT! LET’S TALK ABOUT “S……….” BABY!! Simple 21 Steps To Reduce Stress...

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Kinds of stress we experience could be physical, GI, emotional, psychological, infectious, environmental toxicity etc.,. My mantra on whatever are stressing me out and my reaction to it is based on its history (Is it repetitive??) and how my reaction to it will affect me now and 5 or 10 years later. We are not alone in this stress experience. Look around every one is suffering one-way or the other. What we eat and how we live our lives on moment-to-moment basis have both short and long-term effects on our biology, happiness and ability to manage stress. Eliminating Stress 100% is impossible if we want the same life and living standards as we have today. I would like to share with you the steps that I have implemented successfully with my clients and myself to minimize and manage stress.


1.SLEEP in complete dark at night and nap in day. Not getting enough restful sleep is number one obstacle in stress management. Inspired by the book “THRIVE” I started taking MY 20 MINUTES POWER NAP’s in the afternoon resulting in more productive days. Sleeping in a room with ZERO artificial lights and open curtains in the night helped me get rid of my dark circles. Its not a one night stand here. We even turn the Wi-Fi off every night in our house.
2.STEPPING AWAY for a little bit from a stressful situation and looking at the aerial view helps get a different perspective. Step away from the desk or housework or the building you work in to change the scene even if for 5 MINUTES and practice diaphragmatic breathing. This approach is great if we have no time to nap.
3.SILENCE & SPIRITUALITY… I call it connecting with self and listening to my cells. The world calls it meditation and it has benefits beyond what is documented. Try it before starting  & ending your day for 5 minutes at least.
4.SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE. Exercising at least 5 days a week for 30 minutes each is enough, but HIIT few minutes a day is as effective. Also exercising in the morning and then sitting all day in a spot won’t be such a good idea. Sitting all day has been labeled equivalent to smoking. Are you following a Paleo diet & can you imagine a Paleo man on a chair or bed checking emails at 10pm or not squatting to potty in the morning???
5.SUPPLEMENT with naturally available Vitamin D from SUN or get a supplement… But talk to your doc or healthcare consultant about it before picking anything from health store. Nothing in our body works in isolation. For example your sun exposure or physical activity in the day can affect your sleep in the night and productivity next day.
6.SOCIAL SUPPORT can be extremely beneficial in reducing stress. Sometimes it takes solid research to gather support, other times a simple call to an old friend or a stranger can do the trick. Heading out to a party to gather some support, eat something healthy before you go. If there is no time to cook at least grab some seeds or nuts.
7.SLOW DOWN in eating. Breathing for few minutes before we start eating and chewing each bite at least 30 times can get enzymatic action going for proper digestion and absorption.
SHORTER LISTS. If you can’t finish everything in one day next day shorten your list tomorrow. Focus on finishing as many tasks as you can rather than feeling guilty about what you couldn’t. Strike some non-urgent ones out.
8.SOUND AND VIBRATIONS. Not only the kind of music we listen to affects us but also the sounds of other people in our life affect our health. Filter out the negative sounds.
9.SEASONAL LOCALLY GROWN FOODS…. Figure out how many miles has the produce in the kitchen travelled from the time it was plucked from the soil or how much of it is processed and refined with bleach and chemicals. 
10.SIMPLE DISHES made at home with right oils for weekdays and keeping fancy stuff for weekend works great for us.
11.SPICY SOLUTION Spices and herbs like saffron, fennel, cumin, turmeric, black pepper, and cinnamon etc. can not only enhance the flavor but also increase the THERAPEUTIC properties of the food. “Food is Medicine” hopefully you have heard that before.
12.SOAKING & SPROUTING GRAINS increases their digestibility. Try and soak grains and beans for a minimum of eight hours. 
13,STOCK UP PLAN & PREP FOOD Planning and prepping meals ahead of time is an easy way to avoid attacking on junk when we get hungry. Always have something HEALTHY READY to snack on. Planning your day early in the morning and night before leads to a better evening and peaceful sleep at night.
14.SALT is required for proper functioning of our cells. Not too much though and Skip refined forms of salt. 
15.SUGAR. Avoid artificial and refined sugars as they create inflammation in the body. 
16.SILLY AND SERIOUS BUSINESS. Do something silly once in a while; it’s a stress buster. Schedule a do nothing time. On the other hand analyzing the seriousness of a situation and acting accordingly will pays well in the long run in dime or kind.
17.SKIN AND SPINE. Sipping clean water through out the day instead of sugary drinks and eating a clean diet will keep skin soft and supple. Stay safe by not overloading the largest organ of the body with chemicals in make-up and perfumes that have been proven to be endocrine disruptors. I like to refer to EWG’s skin deep website for finding safe products. Also walking or standing the wrong way leads to spinal issues. Fixing the Gait should be a priority. 
18.SMELL…. affects us both mentally and biologically. Stay away from artificial smells. Smell fresh air daily and consider aromatherapy. Open windows a little bit even if it is cold outside.
19.SNUG hug. People who have had sad and lonely childhood sometimes look at this world negatively. These negative thoughts then become cause of many diseases they suffer later on. I loved this book by Dr. Bernie Siegel Love, Magic and Mudpies on parenting. If you think you did not have a pretty childhood, forgive your parents and be the parent you think they were not. Trust me, forgiving others is hard but a huge stress buster if you can do it.
20.SYMPTOMS of any disease mostly don’t appear overnight. They are sign of an abused body not able to detox naturally.

21.If your solution to reduce stress is ethically wrong as per your culture, you might end up in a soup that you could be sorry about 5 or 10 years later. It’s “YOUR LIFE STORY” play it out and define “SELF-CARE” in a way that will make you Smile and be proud of tomorrow. Print this list and work on whatever you wish slowly. Remember, “MY WAY MAY NOT ALWAYS BE THE BEST WAY”, opening yourself to OTHER IDEAS IN THE AIR could reduce your STRESS.


If offered with a Smile any Salutation is as effective as the trendy Namaste, So I say Salam Namaste:)


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