“Sitting Is The New Smoking” Yes But…..

October 2nd is a national holiday in India as it is Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday. This great man mostly sat on the floor for working, reading, eating, giving speeches or walked  fast to deliver his message of nonviolence.  He ate very simple meals. I feel he would have lived a long life had he not been assassinated.


I would now like to take off from my previous blog’s tip about occasional indulgence. It is very simple & clear that every decision of indulgence that one can afford to enjoy depends on one’s genetics, level of current health, age, daily or weekly physical activity and the food choices we mostly make at every meal. One thing however is pretty sure that eating local seasonal vegetables, maintaining a regular physical activity schedule and getting enough rest are keys to maintaining good health.


I talked in part A of this blog about stress as a gift from modern day lifestyle. Today I would like to mention about the new statement we find pasted everywhere “Sitting Is New Smoking”. I agree with that statement. If you are in a desk job then the solution is to walk away or stand every now & then between your long hours of work. But have you heard or met anyone who is in any profession that requires long hours standing, ask him or her about the health issues they face. Back pain, knee pain we are most to likely hear among many other complaints.


The original business or even work in the kitchens of India were not done standing on one’s feet. Work was done sitting on the floor whether it was being a jewelry designer or seller, grocery seller, carpenter, teacher or cooking complex Indian meals and even eating them. I think about Paleolithic times when man might have sat on the floor for rest & recreation, slept on the floor, occasionally hung legs from a tree branch or cliff and mostly walked or ran. There were of course no desk jobs, couches to watch TV or jobs involving standing for very long times in Paleolithic era. 



So what’s the BSW tip on this blog:

Everyone is talking about “Sitting is new smoking”. Trust me Moms and Dads, sitting on the floor, will not give you any kind of aches or pain. Try sitting on the floor and avoid the chairs, sofas while playing with your kids, folding laundry, sorting mails, checking emails or even watching TV. Also remember not to do anything for long hours be it sitting or standing. Moderation is the key and required rest is supreme.


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