Is The Land Of “Ayurveda”, “Om”, “Yoga” or “Turmeric” Free Of Chronic Diseases?

I don’t think so. The land of “Ayurveda”, “Om”, “Yoga” or “Turmeric” is also the land of “Yummy Samosas”, “Delicious Naan”, “Pollution”, “Corruption”, and the list goes on. Does that explain something????


Lifestyle-based diseases like hypertension, asthma, heart disease & even some cancers etc., are not in insignificant numbers in India. Pick up a magazine talking about health or gourmet cooking anywhere in USA, strong chances are you might end up reading about one of these terms “Ayurveda”, “Om”, “Yoga” or “Turmeric”. These terms comes from a culture where majorities of people are praying to 108 gods or more. We have a sun god, moon god, wind god, rain god, water god, earth god, wealth goddess, education goddess etc.,. I decided to write about this as yesterday my cleaning lady wanted to know from where could she procure big bag of turmeric for her husband’s prostrate health. And today my Japanese friend inquired about the same to improve her tennis playing son’s overall health. I thought to myself if turmeric was the cure to healing so many health issues then all Indians should be in perfect shape and health as we mostly use turmeric in three meals every single day.


Media is offering all kinds of solutions from all over the world to solve health problems. We create a demand for products in the market by the choices we make every day whether we are picking up a cup of coffee to reduce anxiety or setting up alarm for the next day after turning the TV off very late in the night.


Some time ago I heard this person brag some great things about Indian culture. He said stress is a problem that was not part of Indian culture. Besides other examples he talked about the vanishing joint family system in India where uncles, aunties, cousins, grandparents all lived together so if you had any anxiety you had many choices of relatives to share your troubles with.One of the sources of stress is loneliness and not being able to share your feelings.  Today  “Family Is I, My Spouse And My Kids” and if any other person enters the premises, there are perfect chance of panic attack and rise in the heart palpitations. If the stored feelings are not shared or communicated with anyone that can lead to innumerable health issues. Again nuclear families in India are a gift of modern culture. Even those people who are still living together are constantly fighting over parental properties or other ego clashes. And this saga goes on in India from one of the world’s richest Ambani family to an ordinary family. People are less tolerant to others.


Lets talk about Om & mediation. Yogis in ancient times in India were certainly not meditating to reduce stress of family, work, road traffic, toxic relationships and toxic environments etc. Meditation was probably invented to connect to one of the 108 Gods.

So what’s the BSW tip on this blog:

Turmeric is of course a very potent healing spice. Yoga, meditation, and practice of Ayurveda have enormous health benefits. We need to look at health as a whole, not one important organ brain, heart, liver, kidney etc. Our body needs all vitamins from A, B, C to Vitamin X, Y, Z yet to be discovered. Doing one thing right for health one time and messing up all the other times will crop up into some kind of health issue minor or major sooner or later. On the other hand occasionally enjoying your favorite not so healthy dessert in the company of awesome friends or family will not ruin your life.


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