I Practice Breathing Techniques While Watching My Teenager Gobble Pizza Or Broccoli! Why?? 

It is hard to watch your child ignore the importance of chewing. My teenager is always in a rush to finish his food. If he is relishing his pizza, the reason why he forgets to chew is because he wants to get as many slices of yummy pizza down his throat as he can.  His eighth grade science teacher once mentioned in his class “MEN DON’T EAT BROCCOLI, IT’S THE WOMEN’S THING”. We love his teacher like crazy. He is an absolutely amazing teacher. “But your Guru (teacher) is always right”, I guess my son remembers this old time Indian thing of always respecting and listening to your teachers but he does that as per his convenience. Now my son is in eleventh grade and has accepted that broccoli has great health benefits but still eats it just to get over with it while saying “Mom don’t expect me to relish this darn thing”. And I sing to myself  “Breathe we will get there, one step at a time, one day at a time”.


Most of us read about digestion in our school science books. We all know digestion begins in the mouth. Digestion actually begins before that when we smell & look at our food. The amazing enzymes get to action to help our bodies get all the nutrients from the meal that is going down the digestive tract. The importance of chewing cannot be taken for guaranteed. Most of us stand or eat our food like a chore that needs to be done instead of enjoying and being grateful for it.


It is extremely important to chew & liquefy food to get all the enzymes help digest and absorb nutrients. Most of the chronic diseases arise from nutrient deficiencies and poor digestive health. Food that we digest & absorb is information to our body’s cells. As a busy mom I have to remind myself that everyday. Remember what the airhostess tells you on the plane “In case of emergency first wear the mask yourself then help others”. If we neglect ourselves, how are we to take care of our loved ones”.


BeSereneWellness (BSW) Tip:

Please remember to chew every bite of your food at least 25 to 30 times minimum. Also don’t forget to chew your Smoothie.

Don’t eat your meal in a rush while standing or walking. Those buffet lunch and dinners are messing up our health. Try and eat your meal in peace without any disturbances from any modern day gadgets. 


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