Are You an Undiagnosed Pre-diabetic and What Can You Do Before it is Too Late?

It almost felt like someone had punched me in the stomach when I heard for the first time that “India is known as the diabetes capital of the world”. India like most modern societies is suffering from diabetes. Almost everyone in India knows someone in the family or in friend circle that have diabetes but what a lot of people are unaware of is that there are a number of people are at risk of being prediabetic or might be pre-diabetic and have no idea about it. The reason for this is that most people are not getting check ups due to no time or are unaware of the symptoms and risk factors.

How did this happen? Where did we go wrong? What if we can reverse this trend by creating awareness and taking appropriate actions? Diabetes like other lifestyle related diseases has a pre phase, you are not declared diabetic all of a sudden. 

Here are some of the obvious reasons why you should consider yourself at a risk of being a prediabetic:

Family history of diabetes
Family history of dementia, Yes the brain is damaged by fluctuations in blood sugar. 
Sleep disorders, fatigue, and irritability. These are signs of a stressed body. 
Overweight or obesity (A simple test without using the weighing scale is to stand in front of a mirror naked and jump. If you see some jiggle & shake around belly then you might be at a risk)
Smoking can lead to insulin resistance that can lead to type 2 diabetes 
Stressed due to career, relationships. Emotional stress can negatively impact blood glucose control and can contribute to insulin resistance.
Economically better off people who can afford conveniences in kitchen, eat out more often, are too busy to practice self care, spend a lot of time on electronic media sitting at a stretch for hours, and less time on moving their bodies throughout the day.
Some of the other reasons why your doctor might diagnose you as at risk of being a prediabetic or diabetic are:

Impaired glucose levels 
Cardiovascular disease
Hypertension (high blood pressure)
Increased triglycerides levels
Low levels of good cholesterol (HDL)
Women who have had gestational diabetes,had high birth weight babies (greater than 9 lbs.), and/or have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

As this disease progresses it can cause damage tothe cells, tissues, organs.  Elevated blood sugar levels and fluctuations over time can lead to metabolic syndrome, adult onset diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and dementia. Unless the disease is cured it can lead to the development of various diabetic complications such as dental problems, blindness, kidney failure, depression, and amputation even if the blood sugar and other levels like triglycerides, cholesterol etc., are controlled by drugs or by natural treatments. People with diabetes are also at a higher risk of heart disease, foot problems, nerve damage, dental disease, and skin problems, such as infections, sores, itching, and even cancer.

Most of the time pre-diabetes is undiagnosed. Even if it is diagnosed in an effort to lower blood glucose levels and restore the body's normal response to insulin, physicians may prescribe drugs normally used to treat type 2 diabetes but those are not as effective as making dietary and lifestyle changes. Drugs like metformin reduce blood sugar levels only when its levels are raised and not otherwise. You might have heard the good news that this deadly disease can be stopped, reversed or cured by lifestyle and dietary changes. The new & exciting field of epigenetics gives the hope that “Genes are not your destiny”. 

Some of the steps that you can take today to may be stop, reverse or cure this deadly disease are:

Recognizing the problem by getting tested is the first step. Your fasting blood sugar should be less than 100 mg/dl. Please discuss with your physician if you are a pre-diabetic.
-Making 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week a priority. Do not sit at one place for more than 30 minutes straight through out the day, get up stretch or take a short walk. 
-Eliminating processed foods, refined chemically processed oils, and artificial sweeteners from your diet. Eat foods that are grown without pesticide whenever you can. Meals prepared by soaking, sprouting, fermenting etc decreases the stress on digestive system. Eat traditional cuisines that are wholesome and provide complete nutrition rather instant and fast food preparations as much as possible. Include local and seasonal fruits and vegetables in your diet. Frozen is many times a good option too.
-Sit down and chew meals slowly, a lesson that digestion begins in mouth we all learned in high school and have forgotten about it. Sitting in front of TV, computer, or while standing , in a car etc will also make you eat more.  Turn on some calming music for those 20 minutes when you are chewing a nourishing meal. Eating with mindfulness is an effective method to reduce stress and improve digestive health and eating behaviors.
-Drink enough clean water as dehydration is sometimes mistaken as a sign of hunger. 
-Reduce stress and electronic exposure especially after sunset. Sleeping in a room with zero artificial lights and with no electronic lights exposure one hour before sleep. A tired and sleep deprived body demands more food than it actually needs and makes wrong choices of meals.
-Starting today meditating for at least 10 minutes a day twice without fail to reduce stress.


Surprising 5 Tips I Follow To Get Everything Done On My TO_DO List

I realize sometimes the solution to a very complicated issue is so simple. These solutions are simple yet very effective. We discard them just because may be they are free & way too simple (We all love expert opinion Don’t we…….) or we have heard them before and we think they won’t work even before trying them. If we have heard them before and feel they don’t work THEN SOMETIMES THE ONLY REASON IS THAT WE DIDN’T IMPLEMENT THEM. When I started trying these simple tips I noticed something amazing by the end of the day. My to-do lists were all done & I couldn’t believe it. Before I would always feel guilty at the end of the day looking at the unfinished tasks on my list and be unhappy with myself for not being efficient enough. There is no magic in these tips, it’s just that you become more aware of what is achievable and are able to accomplish more than what you promise yourself.  These tips worked for me and there is no harm trying them.  

 1.    This old and famous one “PLEASE EAT YOUR BREAKFAST and YES A NUTRITIOUS ONE” . This would keep your brain focused on the essential tasks and keep you happy. The day when I am very busy I serve left over home cooked dinner for breakfast with some easy add-ons. So the rule that I follow is only that left over dinner for breakfast should not have been prepared more than 24 hours before consumption, so all the processed food with preservatives are out of question.

 2.     Without fail “MEET THE SUN” even if for 5 minutes and most important THANK THE SUN for being there 24/7. Acknowledge its presence. Remember sun is watching us & providing us with energy that no one can. Also thank someone in mind or in person just for something that they have done for you. It could be for ANYTHING, nothing is considered big or small here. Being grateful for whatever we have rather than focusing on what we don’t will pay us towards our long-term goal of healthy & happy self.


 3.    “SAY SORRY TO SUN”……..WHY??? Because sometimes we get mad at sun for not shining on us. Think a little deeper & realize that the sun is always shining on us, we are just blinded by something else…. lets say dark clouds or very pretty & thick curtains (Don’t worry if you just spend a fortune on your new drapes….just open them as the sun rises)…. There is always good in our life but we are blinded by some not so good stuff, then we focus our waking hours & some times sacrifice our sleep on it. Also say sorry to someone you hurt intentionally or unintentionally. You can say sorry to that person directly or write it on a paper something like “Sorry so  & so for……” & then look at it like you mean it. Next time you will meet that person with different eyes, heart and will feel an inner calm inside. Also might find courage to say sorry. No big deal just a 5-letter word and big issues can be solved.

 4.    NO NEGATIVE SELF TALK TODAY………..The power of positivity on your health, soul, and surroundings cannot be underestimated. Try it today without questioning results & see how you feel. Whatever negative is going on in our life, something positive will come out of it. Problem is we can’t see it right now.

 5.    WALK SLOWER TO GET WORK DONE FASTER: Even though this sounds counter intuitive it is very powerful. When you walk slower and breathe consciously instead of being in hurry and panic mode to get your list completed, you are able to do two things. You relax your muscles and mind so you get better and efficient results with whatever little or lot you are trying to accomplish in the day.


I want to mention a little off track remark about my Mom here. She is a very wise and loving lady but lately my dad passed away fighting cancer I noticed she has become a skeptic and envious about this one thing. Health is on her mind 24/7 which is a good thing BUT BEING ENVIOUS OF KIDS OF HER CLEANING LADY in India is another. My mom’s cleaning lady would let her kids play in “DIRT” all day bare foot & in bad torn clothes in spite of having being given footwear & nice clothes to keep them warm in winters. My mom is envious of these kids “BECAUSE THEY JUST DON’T FALL SICK”. My Mom gets very annoyed as her grandchildren who live in nice super clean home, eat expensive good quality food, drink pure filtered water & wear expensive clothes have poor immunity and fall sick frequently. I will blog about health of poor kids living in bad conditions in India and having pretty good immunity some other time. For now just think about those poor kids and follow these easy tips tomorrow for a happier day.


STRESSED OUT! LET’S TALK ABOUT “S……….” BABY!! Simple 21 Steps To Reduce Stress...

Dear Reader,

Kinds of stress we experience could be physical, GI, emotional, psychological, infectious, environmental toxicity etc.,. My mantra on whatever are stressing me out and my reaction to it is based on its history (Is it repetitive??) and how my reaction to it will affect me now and 5 or 10 years later. We are not alone in this stress experience. Look around every one is suffering one-way or the other. What we eat and how we live our lives on moment-to-moment basis have both short and long-term effects on our biology, happiness and ability to manage stress. Eliminating Stress 100% is impossible if we want the same life and living standards as we have today. I would like to share with you the steps that I have implemented successfully with my clients and myself to minimize and manage stress.


1.SLEEP in complete dark at night and nap in day. Not getting enough restful sleep is number one obstacle in stress management. Inspired by the book “THRIVE” I started taking MY 20 MINUTES POWER NAP’s in the afternoon resulting in more productive days. Sleeping in a room with ZERO artificial lights and open curtains in the night helped me get rid of my dark circles. Its not a one night stand here. We even turn the Wi-Fi off every night in our house.
2.STEPPING AWAY for a little bit from a stressful situation and looking at the aerial view helps get a different perspective. Step away from the desk or housework or the building you work in to change the scene even if for 5 MINUTES and practice diaphragmatic breathing. This approach is great if we have no time to nap.
3.SILENCE & SPIRITUALITY… I call it connecting with self and listening to my cells. The world calls it meditation and it has benefits beyond what is documented. Try it before starting  & ending your day for 5 minutes at least.
4.SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE. Exercising at least 5 days a week for 30 minutes each is enough, but HIIT few minutes a day is as effective. Also exercising in the morning and then sitting all day in a spot won’t be such a good idea. Sitting all day has been labeled equivalent to smoking. Are you following a Paleo diet & can you imagine a Paleo man on a chair or bed checking emails at 10pm or not squatting to potty in the morning???
5.SUPPLEMENT with naturally available Vitamin D from SUN or get a supplement… But talk to your doc or healthcare consultant about it before picking anything from health store. Nothing in our body works in isolation. For example your sun exposure or physical activity in the day can affect your sleep in the night and productivity next day.
6.SOCIAL SUPPORT can be extremely beneficial in reducing stress. Sometimes it takes solid research to gather support, other times a simple call to an old friend or a stranger can do the trick. Heading out to a party to gather some support, eat something healthy before you go. If there is no time to cook at least grab some seeds or nuts.
7.SLOW DOWN in eating. Breathing for few minutes before we start eating and chewing each bite at least 30 times can get enzymatic action going for proper digestion and absorption.
SHORTER LISTS. If you can’t finish everything in one day next day shorten your list tomorrow. Focus on finishing as many tasks as you can rather than feeling guilty about what you couldn’t. Strike some non-urgent ones out.
8.SOUND AND VIBRATIONS. Not only the kind of music we listen to affects us but also the sounds of other people in our life affect our health. Filter out the negative sounds.
9.SEASONAL LOCALLY GROWN FOODS…. Figure out how many miles has the produce in the kitchen travelled from the time it was plucked from the soil or how much of it is processed and refined with bleach and chemicals. 
10.SIMPLE DISHES made at home with right oils for weekdays and keeping fancy stuff for weekend works great for us.
11.SPICY SOLUTION Spices and herbs like saffron, fennel, cumin, turmeric, black pepper, and cinnamon etc. can not only enhance the flavor but also increase the THERAPEUTIC properties of the food. “Food is Medicine” hopefully you have heard that before.
12.SOAKING & SPROUTING GRAINS increases their digestibility. Try and soak grains and beans for a minimum of eight hours. 
13,STOCK UP PLAN & PREP FOOD Planning and prepping meals ahead of time is an easy way to avoid attacking on junk when we get hungry. Always have something HEALTHY READY to snack on. Planning your day early in the morning and night before leads to a better evening and peaceful sleep at night.
14.SALT is required for proper functioning of our cells. Not too much though and Skip refined forms of salt. 
15.SUGAR. Avoid artificial and refined sugars as they create inflammation in the body. 
16.SILLY AND SERIOUS BUSINESS. Do something silly once in a while; it’s a stress buster. Schedule a do nothing time. On the other hand analyzing the seriousness of a situation and acting accordingly will pays well in the long run in dime or kind.
17.SKIN AND SPINE. Sipping clean water through out the day instead of sugary drinks and eating a clean diet will keep skin soft and supple. Stay safe by not overloading the largest organ of the body with chemicals in make-up and perfumes that have been proven to be endocrine disruptors. I like to refer to EWG’s skin deep website for finding safe products. Also walking or standing the wrong way leads to spinal issues. Fixing the Gait should be a priority. 
18.SMELL…. affects us both mentally and biologically. Stay away from artificial smells. Smell fresh air daily and consider aromatherapy. Open windows a little bit even if it is cold outside.
19.SNUG hug. People who have had sad and lonely childhood sometimes look at this world negatively. These negative thoughts then become cause of many diseases they suffer later on. I loved this book by Dr. Bernie Siegel Love, Magic and Mudpies on parenting. If you think you did not have a pretty childhood, forgive your parents and be the parent you think they were not. Trust me, forgiving others is hard but a huge stress buster if you can do it.
20.SYMPTOMS of any disease mostly don’t appear overnight. They are sign of an abused body not able to detox naturally.

21.If your solution to reduce stress is ethically wrong as per your culture, you might end up in a soup that you could be sorry about 5 or 10 years later. It’s “YOUR LIFE STORY” play it out and define “SELF-CARE” in a way that will make you Smile and be proud of tomorrow. Print this list and work on whatever you wish slowly. Remember, “MY WAY MAY NOT ALWAYS BE THE BEST WAY”, opening yourself to OTHER IDEAS IN THE AIR could reduce your STRESS.


If offered with a Smile any Salutation is as effective as the trendy Namaste, So I say Salam Namaste:)


30-Second Version Of What I Do And Why I do. Please Don’t Wait For A Bad News In Your Family To Wake You Up.

Today is a sad day in our family. We are all broken to lose another family member to lifestyle related chronic disease. I was so sad in the morning after hearing this news that I wanted to shut down everything I do in my morning routine and cuddle up in my bed. Instead I am writing this to stop that one person I can from making that one bad choice to something healthier for the “SAKE OF LOVED ONES”.

 Some of the lifestyle related diseases like Alzheimer's disease, Arthritis, atherosclerosis, asthma, some kinds of cancer, chronic liver disease or cirrhosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, chronic renal failure, osteoporosis, stroke, depression and obesity are largely preventable by timely changes in dietary and lifestyle.

 What are you waiting for? Please make that one change today. Baby steps over a long period of time can be more effective than drastically trying to do everything at once for some people. My teenager gave me real hard time once we started making changes in our household. Yesterday however he made me feel proud when I asked him what he had for lunch. He said “Mom there was free pizza at our science meet today at school. Everyone skipped café to go there. I was the only one in the entire room who skipped the soda stand and went for water”. Even though he had unhealthy pizza for lunch, I am so proud of my teenager to have skipped soda. This kid used to throw up his hands in the air, roll his eyes at all what he called mom’s not so cool choices.



Here is the 30-second version of what I do. I tell my clients to start including the good & healthy stuff in your life. Be it good food, exercise that you love, people you love to hang out with and last but not the least some kind of spirituality. By spirituality I only mean what you are grateful for and what gives you peace. It could be a painting or the tree in your backyard you admire or your dogs eyes. Now why I do what I do is because of what I wrote in the first paragraph of this post.



How Do Clean Restrooms In USA & Your FB Posts/Visits Explain What I Do In My Practice As A Health Coach?

My friend asked me, “What is special about Health Coaching? Every one
knows what a good diet is and that it is better for your health to manage
stress, improve your lifestyle. What are you offering that a nutritionist
or dietician are not offering?” Before I tell you my answer, I would like
to tell you about an observation I made recently every morning I went
on Facebook and a story about clean restrooms in USA.
1. I noticed that a lot of my health conscious friends who generally
eat well, exercise well visit FB in the middle of the night. Do you know
the term circadian rhythms and body clock? Let me explain circadian
rhythms are produced by natural factors within the body, but they are
also affected by signals from the environment. Light is the main cue
influencing circadian rhythms, turning on or turning off genes that control
an organism's internal body clocks. Circadian rhythms can influence
sleep-wake cycles, hormone release, body temperature and other important
bodily functions. They have been linked to various sleep disorders, such
as insomnia. Abnormal circadian rhythms have also been associated with
obesity, diabetes, depression, bipolar disorder and seasonal affective
disorder. Well most of my dear friends who can afford to avoid being
near electronics post dinner time wonder why they didn’t sleep well in
the night after updating their FB status or after turning off TV late night.

2. One thing I was grateful for living here in United States is
accessibility to clean restrooms wherever I go. This has changed recently
after I walked in one early morning at the grocery store after dropping
my child to school. I had to go and was waiting for the man to clean the room.
I was glad as I watched him come out only for a second though. Just before
coming out of the room the guy sprayed room refresher. I eliminated almost
all of the toxic chemicals used to clean my house and body a year ago after
loosing two important family members to cancer. But there is no way we can
completely avoid toxicity that we are exposed to in today’s modern convenient
world. I think bathrooms are stinky places but all they need is clean water, fresh
air and direct sunlight. Most definitely no chemicals are required to make
us feel good.
Now here comes the connection between what I wrote above and my practice
as a health coach. Well everyone knows what good healthy habits are but at
times it is hard for us to follow them or we don’t realize what might be the
cause of our health issues. As a coach I guide my clients and together we find
out the missing component that is creating hindrance in their success to get
a step closer to achieving their health goals. Dieticians and nutritionists have a
special place in the current healthcare system but most of the times they
do not have the training or time to figure out what could be causing stress
or toxicity in your body. If you know someone who would be willing to listen
to all of your issues patiently and guide you…that is great, If not contact me
at to schedule a talk.

BSW Tip for this post: 

After reading this post hopefully some of you will minimize your exposure to artificial lights post dinner tonight. 


“Sitting Is The New Smoking” Yes But…..

October 2nd is a national holiday in India as it is Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday. This great man mostly sat on the floor for working, reading, eating, giving speeches or walked  fast to deliver his message of nonviolence.  He ate very simple meals. I feel he would have lived a long life had he not been assassinated.


I would now like to take off from my previous blog’s tip about occasional indulgence. It is very simple & clear that every decision of indulgence that one can afford to enjoy depends on one’s genetics, level of current health, age, daily or weekly physical activity and the food choices we mostly make at every meal. One thing however is pretty sure that eating local seasonal vegetables, maintaining a regular physical activity schedule and getting enough rest are keys to maintaining good health.


I talked in part A of this blog about stress as a gift from modern day lifestyle. Today I would like to mention about the new statement we find pasted everywhere “Sitting Is New Smoking”. I agree with that statement. If you are in a desk job then the solution is to walk away or stand every now & then between your long hours of work. But have you heard or met anyone who is in any profession that requires long hours standing, ask him or her about the health issues they face. Back pain, knee pain we are most to likely hear among many other complaints.


The original business or even work in the kitchens of India were not done standing on one’s feet. Work was done sitting on the floor whether it was being a jewelry designer or seller, grocery seller, carpenter, teacher or cooking complex Indian meals and even eating them. I think about Paleolithic times when man might have sat on the floor for rest & recreation, slept on the floor, occasionally hung legs from a tree branch or cliff and mostly walked or ran. There were of course no desk jobs, couches to watch TV or jobs involving standing for very long times in Paleolithic era. 



So what’s the BSW tip on this blog:

Everyone is talking about “Sitting is new smoking”. Trust me Moms and Dads, sitting on the floor, will not give you any kind of aches or pain. Try sitting on the floor and avoid the chairs, sofas while playing with your kids, folding laundry, sorting mails, checking emails or even watching TV. Also remember not to do anything for long hours be it sitting or standing. Moderation is the key and required rest is supreme.


I Practice Breathing Techniques While Watching My Teenager Gobble Pizza Or Broccoli! Why?? 

It is hard to watch your child ignore the importance of chewing. My teenager is always in a rush to finish his food. If he is relishing his pizza, the reason why he forgets to chew is because he wants to get as many slices of yummy pizza down his throat as he can.  His eighth grade science teacher once mentioned in his class “MEN DON’T EAT BROCCOLI, IT’S THE WOMEN’S THING”. We love his teacher like crazy. He is an absolutely amazing teacher. “But your Guru (teacher) is always right”, I guess my son remembers this old time Indian thing of always respecting and listening to your teachers but he does that as per his convenience. Now my son is in eleventh grade and has accepted that broccoli has great health benefits but still eats it just to get over with it while saying “Mom don’t expect me to relish this darn thing”. And I sing to myself  “Breathe we will get there, one step at a time, one day at a time”.


Most of us read about digestion in our school science books. We all know digestion begins in the mouth. Digestion actually begins before that when we smell & look at our food. The amazing enzymes get to action to help our bodies get all the nutrients from the meal that is going down the digestive tract. The importance of chewing cannot be taken for guaranteed. Most of us stand or eat our food like a chore that needs to be done instead of enjoying and being grateful for it.


It is extremely important to chew & liquefy food to get all the enzymes help digest and absorb nutrients. Most of the chronic diseases arise from nutrient deficiencies and poor digestive health. Food that we digest & absorb is information to our body’s cells. As a busy mom I have to remind myself that everyday. Remember what the airhostess tells you on the plane “In case of emergency first wear the mask yourself then help others”. If we neglect ourselves, how are we to take care of our loved ones”.


BeSereneWellness (BSW) Tip:

Please remember to chew every bite of your food at least 25 to 30 times minimum. Also don’t forget to chew your Smoothie.

Don’t eat your meal in a rush while standing or walking. Those buffet lunch and dinners are messing up our health. Try and eat your meal in peace without any disturbances from any modern day gadgets. 


Is The Land Of “Ayurveda”, “Om”, “Yoga” or “Turmeric” Free Of Chronic Diseases?

I don’t think so. The land of “Ayurveda”, “Om”, “Yoga” or “Turmeric” is also the land of “Yummy Samosas”, “Delicious Naan”, “Pollution”, “Corruption”, and the list goes on. Does that explain something????


Lifestyle-based diseases like hypertension, asthma, heart disease & even some cancers etc., are not in insignificant numbers in India. Pick up a magazine talking about health or gourmet cooking anywhere in USA, strong chances are you might end up reading about one of these terms “Ayurveda”, “Om”, “Yoga” or “Turmeric”. These terms comes from a culture where majorities of people are praying to 108 gods or more. We have a sun god, moon god, wind god, rain god, water god, earth god, wealth goddess, education goddess etc.,. I decided to write about this as yesterday my cleaning lady wanted to know from where could she procure big bag of turmeric for her husband’s prostrate health. And today my Japanese friend inquired about the same to improve her tennis playing son’s overall health. I thought to myself if turmeric was the cure to healing so many health issues then all Indians should be in perfect shape and health as we mostly use turmeric in three meals every single day.


Media is offering all kinds of solutions from all over the world to solve health problems. We create a demand for products in the market by the choices we make every day whether we are picking up a cup of coffee to reduce anxiety or setting up alarm for the next day after turning the TV off very late in the night.


Some time ago I heard this person brag some great things about Indian culture. He said stress is a problem that was not part of Indian culture. Besides other examples he talked about the vanishing joint family system in India where uncles, aunties, cousins, grandparents all lived together so if you had any anxiety you had many choices of relatives to share your troubles with.One of the sources of stress is loneliness and not being able to share your feelings.  Today  “Family Is I, My Spouse And My Kids” and if any other person enters the premises, there are perfect chance of panic attack and rise in the heart palpitations. If the stored feelings are not shared or communicated with anyone that can lead to innumerable health issues. Again nuclear families in India are a gift of modern culture. Even those people who are still living together are constantly fighting over parental properties or other ego clashes. And this saga goes on in India from one of the world’s richest Ambani family to an ordinary family. People are less tolerant to others.


Lets talk about Om & mediation. Yogis in ancient times in India were certainly not meditating to reduce stress of family, work, road traffic, toxic relationships and toxic environments etc. Meditation was probably invented to connect to one of the 108 Gods.

So what’s the BSW tip on this blog:

Turmeric is of course a very potent healing spice. Yoga, meditation, and practice of Ayurveda have enormous health benefits. We need to look at health as a whole, not one important organ brain, heart, liver, kidney etc. Our body needs all vitamins from A, B, C to Vitamin X, Y, Z yet to be discovered. Doing one thing right for health one time and messing up all the other times will crop up into some kind of health issue minor or major sooner or later. On the other hand occasionally enjoying your favorite not so healthy dessert in the company of awesome friends or family will not ruin your life.


Couple of "P's" on my mind today and "Portion Control" is one of them


Yesterday while waiting at the car service station I noticed this lovely lady
gobble down an extra big so called healthy burger from a joint whose name
I will omit right now. Later she had a tiny piece of doughnut. Probably
"Portion Control" was on her mind To be honest that was somewhat like
me sometime ago. Do take a sneak peek at your grocery cart next time you
go shopping. How much of the stuff in there is processed even if it is
"gluten free"? How much of it is from the produce section? What items are you
carrying for your convenience which your grandma or rather great grandma
won't recognize? Coming back to my introductory sentence if planning and
presenting perfect plate for self or family is on your mind like most health
conscious people. Are you standing in the grocery store aisle confused?
My dear reader it is time for us to introduce ourselves to the most amazing
friend we have all neglected for the longest time and are paying the price for it.
Without further ado I would like to introduce you to your own body.
God gifted beautiful, magnificent machine which knows how to heal and repair
itself by itself. It is always calling us for attention by painting a walking, talking,
feeling picture for us to pay attention to. But we ignore it's calling, we look
around for help from the experts, we mask every day the clues it is presenting
us with drugs and entertainment of sorts it doesn't appreciate. So my dear
readers please listen to your body and pledge to pay attention. Pay attention
when you pick something from the store, pay attention on how you cook or
don't cook whatever you are putting behind those gorgeous grinding instruments
in your mouth that god has provided you, pay attention on how you feel after
you have gobbled those delicious doughnuts or after you patiently chewed those
beautiful veggies that god has given us on this classy one of its kind known to
us humans "The Planet Earth". Ok I know for those of us who don't believe in
"God" for you guys by referring to this term "God" I am talking about who ever
you think created this world. It could be your "Jesus", "Buddha", "Allah", "Ram",
"Guru" or some "Electron" "Protons", "Atoms", "Force", "Cell" etc etc....I am sure
you believe in some power that created us humans alike from inside ....the organs
and other great stuff that we all carry. Also pay attention to all the animals and
birds in your yard or in the wild. They are mostly free of any chronic diseases
that the human race is facing today in epidemic proportions. They listen to their
best friend their body not the experts in the magazines or clinics. Only once after
you have tried making peace with your best friend and she is not responding
because she is feeling abused for a long time then you need to ask for outside
help and that to from a counsellor not a dictator.
Here is a "BSW" tip for you meanwhile:
Remember If you cup both your hands together, that's the approx size of
your stomach. Also remember all of us need some personal space
sometimes to function properly the other times. Similarly our dear stomach
needs a little empty space to function fine. So please don't stuff it all the
way or else it will revolt sooner or later in one part of your body or the other. 

Disclaimer: I make no claims to any specialized medical training, nor do I dispense medical advice or prescriptions. This content is not intended to diagnose or treat any diseases. It is intended to be provided for informational, educational, and self-empowerment purposes ONLY. Please consult with your wellness team, and then make your own well-informed decisions based upon what is best for your unique genetics, culture, conditions, and stage of life. 


5 Tips For Beautiful Healthy Skin.....

and your overall health. As I picked up my older son from bus stop at around 4:30pm I noticed something different. It was the hour of the day when I was supposed to be cranky, tired, irritable etc...Nothing positive. On the contrary I was happy, smiling, refreshed all the adjectives I could not imagine to associate with my self on a week day afternoon. All this was happening to me as I was implementing few simple yet effective tools that I had learned during my training and I am now recommending to my clients in my health coaching practice. I want to share with you first 5 tips that I incorporated in my daily routine and started noticing better skin, mood & energy in myself.


I eliminated a lot of fast & easy substitutes in my kitchen like canned tomatoes, chips anything made from processed flour even if it was mentioned whole wheat in the ingredients. I could not immediately throw everything out initially as it is always hard to change life long habits. Remember it is not the will power though that makes you successful it is a repetitive action called habit. I just changed my habit of picking up processed stuff from the aisles of the grocery store & moved more in the produce section.


The vegetables and fruits grown locally are in the same environment as you live in. This is what makes a huge impact on your health by boosting your immunity. I was put on a waiting list to join my local CSA. But I didn't want to wait so I started visiting my local farmers on Saturday mornings. I end up getting fresh vegetables that taste great and are so much more juicer and refreshing compared to their versions in the grocery store. Visit to find farmers near you in USA.


This one is hard to follow but it makes a huge impact the nutrients not being lost in the process of storing your food. Practice this tip as much as possible. Small steps also lead to success then no steps at all.


This has been said again & again everywhere. The big change that I followed was NOT to follow the 8 glasses a day rule. It just made me super anxious about whether I got sufficient water in or not. Instead I started sipping water throughout the day. I felt hydrated and very clean. The only rule that I followed was not to drink water after my meals for at least 30 mins & up to an hour. This tip scores to be number one tip & step towards better health for me.


There is strange yoga practice followed in parks of India in the wee hours of the morning. You can find people laughing like crazy. Their intention is to stay healthy. I believe laughing or crying without emotion or a reason has absolutely no effect on your health. So please believe that laughter is the best medicine but give your self a reason to laugh & have more fun. Read a funny book or go in the backyard play tag with your kids and laugh. Find your own reason to laugh and play.

Implementing these 5 tips lead me to look at the watch at 4:30pm and smile at my kids. For such and more free tips follow me on facebook at


Disclaimer: I make no claims to any specialized medical training, nor do I dispense medical advice or prescriptions.  This content is not intended to diagnose or treat any diseases.  It is intended to be provided for informational, educational, and self-empowerment purposes ONLY.  Please consult with your wellness team, and then make your own well-informed decisions based upon what is best for your unique genetics, culture, conditions, and stage of life.